The WellBeings Company was founded by Meghann Baker in 2015, and welcomed Alex Gorski to the team in 2017. Our focus is pain management through a combination of massage therapy and personal training, targeting the sources of your pain and eventually reducing or eliminating your need for ongoing treatment.
Meghann Baker is a licensed and insured massage therapist and personal trainer in Pasadena, CA. She has over 13 years’ experience, and specializes in empowering clients to create healthier lifestyles and manage their pain. Meghann uses a combination of therapeutic massage and personal training to uncover the root causes of persistent pain.  Each session, she’ll talk with you about when you feel your pain(s) as you rebalance your strength, fix your posture and relax your muscles. This process is very effective because the massages reveal what muscles need stretching or strengthening, and the exercises do the rest. It is not necessary to do both massage and personal training at the same time; however, we do offer both services in a combo session.

Alex Gorski studied massage therapy at Southern California Health Institute. Initially her goal was to focus on spa-like massages. However, after hearing client after client talk about their aches and pains, she ended up wanting to fix these problems permanently. Her focus shifted toward therapeutic massage to alleviate her clients’ pain, rather than just help them temporarily relax. After being brought into The WellBeings Co. she was trained in Meghann’s masterful technique. With all her training, experience, and natural touch, she is ready to help you feel better.


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