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combo session

Massage + strength training = awesome.  Our goal has always been to provide a holistic, dual-approach to well being by...
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1-on-1 personal training

A 60 minute workout session, designed especially for you, based on your goals.  There are no cookie cutter routines here...
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duet personal training

Share a 60 minute workout session with a partner.  You will both have different goals, weaknesses and strengths, and sometimes your routines...
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power of 3: group training

A huge value: train 3-at-a-time for nearly a third of the cost, all while motivating (or being motivated by) two session...
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therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massages are designed to solve problems.  If you have chronic pain that is not due to a specific medical...
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corporate chair massage

Pain in the workplace zaps creativity and drains morale; in-office chair massages can help.  A lot.  As with our private massages,...
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